Margarita, a pregnant woman, recently got married and accompanied her husband to the city. After settling in the town for two months, they were caught in the midst of an invasion of their country. In the chaotic first days of the war, Margarita suffered a miscarriage.

The persistent blaring of sirens and ringing in Margarita’s ears began to take a toll on her emotions. Suddenly, she heard a child’s voice whispering in her ear, claiming to be up in the clouds and looking down upon her. The child spoke of her being the best mother in the world, and how he decided to come to her. 

Explosions occurred near the couple’s home, forcing them to seek refuge underground. In Margarita’s vision, she saw her child appear before her, accompanied by a younger sister. The sister proclaimed that she would join her family in the future. Margarita was hopeful, as she yearned for another child. 

Margarita was weak and the couple knew that they couldn’t outrun the horrors of war, so they remained in their home. One tragic night, the invading forces arrived in their town and raped the women, with Margarita being one of the thousands. She got pregnant.