Director’s Statement

On February 24, 2022, Russia full-scale invaded Ukraine. During the year, countless lives of Ukrainians were changed—some died; some survived but were left an irreversible sorrow. In this turbulent era, creations based merely on personal emotions no longer satisfy me. What I am concerned about is not only myself as an individual, but the people and what the aftermath of the war will be like.


The inspiration for this plan comes from the liberated Bucha, where the media exposed the war crimes committed by the Russian army during the 33-day occupation in Bucha. And what we can know is only one in millions. In this film, I would like to use the war as the background. The protagonist is also representing the mental state of the people who survived the war. I hope that the film will bring the audience to see not just a drama, but the relationship with the world it will be.